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Roodeplaat Dam Campsite Accommodation 674

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Constructed in 1956, it has grown to becoming a very popular tourist destination, wether for bird watching, animal life or for water sport, Roodeplaat Dam is well known.

Roodeplaat Dam offers a combination of open water, reedbeds, and dense Acacia and mixed thornveld interspersed with more open areas. Riverine bush is to be found along the watercourses entering and leaving the dam.

The dam is primarily controlled by the Dept of Water Affairs and Forestry.
Where to Stay:
Roodeplaat Dam is surrounded by a number of campsites, self-catering chalets and full board resorts.

Camping facilities are available in the section of the nature reserve on the western bank.


There is also a 2km trail in the eastern section of the reserve. The western section offers excellent bushveld birding in the early morning, but is inclined to be noisy over weekends.


Many waterbirds can be seen such as great crested grebe, whitewinged terns, purple gallinule, black crake, thickbilled weaver and several duck species. The thickets are good for warblers, prinias, weavers and robins, and giant kingfishers frequent the stream coming in from the Zeekoegat water treatment works. The pools below the wall should be scrutinised for finfoot.
The eastern section of the reserve is quieter and thus more conducive to birding over weekends. Fish eagles are known to nest in this section of the dam. The vegetation along the dam is thicker, and there are also areas of open grassland. Osprey can turn up anywhere. Reedbeds along the dam offer many Cape reed, great reed and African sedge warblers, as well as little bittern.

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When visitting the Roodeplaat Nature Reserve visitors can expect to see a variety of wild life includsing Burchell's Zebra, Kudu, Waterbuck, Warthog, Impala, Blue-wildebeest, Common Duiker, Steenbok and Black-backed Jackals.

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