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The Drum Café was started in Johannesburg in 1996 by Warren Lieberman. Moved by the experience of communal drumming, he soon had a small group of friends coming round to his home every Tuesday evening to exchange ideas and share in the unique experience of interactive drumming.

The word spread, and it was not long before over one hundred people were arriving to join the circle. The concept of a Drum Café was born.

Warren went on to study djembe drumming with master drummer Adama Drame and become an internationally qualified drum facilitator. Soon after, he opened the Drum Cafe in Johannesburg. A casual little shop with a quaint restaurant and small stage, people flocked to see the new attraction and be inspired by groundbreaking performers. Drums were sold, repaired and traded, coffee was consumed, great ideas were discussed and what began as an enthusiastic idea evolved into a reality. The Drum Café expanded to all the major centers around South Africa.

The Drum Café soon became a success in Africa, and began accepting numerous invitations to perform for major corporations internationally. So high was the demand for the product that in 2002 it opened a number of branches worldwide, including all over America, Canada, Australia, Germany and the UK.

The Drum Café is now synonymous with interactive drumming (where everyone beats along with us). We have astounded audiences by transforming groups into percussive orchestras within minutes. We are also one of Southern Africa’s leading entertainment agencies and have access to the richest talent in South Africa and the artistic expertise and eye to match the perfect performance to your needs. The Drum Café has embarked on a range of projects aimed at preserving and protecting the South African heritage, including the Drum Cafe Book, Traditional Music of South Africa and the Drum Café’s Traditional African Orchestra. The Drum Café has fast established itself as the authority on traditional South African and African music.


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