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The sole shareholder, Dalene Duvenage’s experience in intelligence analysis, qualification generation, curriculum development, analysis training, knowledge management and strategic training and development in the South African public sector ensures the client of high quality service. She also makes use of a network of respected facilitators and consultants where necessary. Dalene is also an accredited intelligence analysis trainer from the International Association for Law Enforcement Intelligence Analysts (IALEIA) and a speaker at international conferences on intelligence analysis training and strategic learning/knowledge management. To ensure international relevancy and comparability with South African standards, we maintain active membership of:

* The IALEIA where Dalene is the current Director at Large for Africa, Asia and Australia and member of the Training and Education Committee.
* The International Association for Intelligence Educators (IAFIE)

Strategic Training and Development

Many companies and government departments do not understand and integrate their training and development units in their overall strategic objectives. Training takes place in piece-meal fashion, and employees rarely buy-in to their development as part of their own, and the company’s commitment to Life-long Learning. We will assist you in developing a Strategic Training and Development Plan that will make your company and its investment in employees a top priority. This strategy will assist you in getting buy-in from Top Management, make use of the Skills levy to your advantage, develop learning pathways for all career groups and plan your training budget and training events more effectively.

Developing training curricula

We are experts in doing research and develop curricula in the fields of knowledge management and analysis for training purposes in all business and public sector environments. Where our existing curricula does not “fit” your requirements, the curricula will be adapted and contextualised to each client’s individual and unique policies, processes, products and systems. Where applicable, curricula will be developed according to SAQA registered unit standards and qualifications to enable learners to achieve national recognized credits.


We offer specialised training solutions to fit the needs, career progression, specialization areas and learning pathways of employees in both public and private sectors. Although there are no unit standards or qualifications in this specific field available to the public in South Africa, we ensure our clients that our training is aligned with international and national standards and criteria. We are currently in the process of accrediting with SASSETA for the generic Unit Standard 120304 “Analyse, interpret and communicate information”. In addition, we enable our learners to compile a Portfolio of Evidence (PoE) for assessment should applicable unit standards/qualifications be registered by the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) in the future.


Course duration and content can be designed to suit the client’s needs and can be contextualised for military, law enforcement, national security or corporate business intelligence and risk management. Courses can be presented in separate modules, in workshop format or longer, integrated learning programmes.


* Basic Investigative / Operational / Intelligence Analysis Course
* Analytical Thinking Course
* Intelligence Report Writing Course
* Operational analysis for the investigator workshop
* Analysis tools and techniques Course
* Strategic analysis course


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