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Advanced Quality Solutions reduces costs and increases turnover through assessing and solving the variable problems impacting employee performance and customer oriented service.

Creating positive experiences for customers is both an art and a science. Within the infinite variety of internal corporate environments, the AQS quality specialist is equipped to create customer focus solutions. Expertise is applied with an innovative and adaptable attitude to align, synchronise and expand a company's existing assets to refocus on your customer.
AQS trains and encourages corporations to understand that however willful, changeable and impossible they may seem at times, customers should be the overriding focus of the majority of managed staff in any corporation.

We offer the opportunity to reach and maintain global standards by eliciting a happy, enthusiastic response from your customers, even those phoning in to make a complaint. Both customers and employees have the opportunity to be rewarded through every interaction. The pleasant surprise for a customer of being delighted (as a consistent experience) ensures repeat business, word of mouth recommendations, and is a benchmark for assessing whether your employees are effective and well trained. This streamlines work flow, reduces costs and elevates your rewards in the market place from satisfying to delightful!

AQS helps businesses rediscover the joy of giving extraordinary service and taking expansive customer interaction to a new level.


One of the important factors to consider in supporting employees is recognising how training can be incorporated into an organisation to effectively develop and grow their workforce.

Effectively training and learning should supplement their performance from induction, throughout their careers.

To support staff retention there are some specific actions that can make training and learning more effective :

• Learning must be targeted, focussed, delivered in modules and just-in-time

• Learners must interact with the Facilitator

• Learners must interact with their peers

• Learning material must be customised and readily accessible

• A variety of learning techniques must be used to maximise different technologies as well as support various learning styles

AQS ' approach is unique due to the following outstanding and tested techniques:

• All training is conducted using the skill of at least one Facilitators who is a qualified Assessor.

• Coaching and mentoring programs is prescribed to support learners in their work environment until learning is unconscious and competence is achieved.

• Training is conducted over a period of time which ensures learner absorption and retention of knowledge.

• Knowledge transfer is performed in an environment conducive to learning.

• Learning is experiential and measurable.

Learners are encouraged to partake in role play, simulation and live scenarios


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