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Education is an exciting adventure! Enthusiasm and laughter are contagious! Here at Active English we explore new, fun ways to generate enthusiasm and enable students to use their gifts and talents. We believe each student is unique, and we promote self-esteem and self-respect in all our students. We believe students should enjoy the process as well as the goal.

Active English offers English lessons for your child throughout various locations in South Africa. Extra-curricular Academic English is taught to the kids in a fun and intelligent manner, with English songs, English exercises, English literature and books. Learning to read and speak English gives your child an advantage at school, expands their vocabulary and improves their language skills.

Mission Statement

Active English fosters a love of the English language to both first and second language speakers in an informal, progressive and fun way to further the students' education in all learning activities, thus enabling them to become positive and confident individuals.

Teaching and our Teachers
Fun teaching methods will:

* maintain a high attention level
* relieve physical and mental stress
* build rapport
* increase attention
* enhance self-esteem
* promote divergent thinking
* increase self confidence to speak English
* assist coping skills
* bring new insights
* allow for a new, fun way of learning

When students come to Active English, they learn in an atmosphere of "positive unpredictability" where the walls expand, the ceiling lifts, differences begin to dissolve and a tremendous sense of 'mental mobility' abounds. Risks become adventures, and even the most timid students may answer questions or surprise everyone by revealing hidden talents. Outrageous streaks of genius emerge without self-consciousness, and the students becomes receptive to exploring new possibilities.

Our aim is to promote learning as a joyous experience, not a dreaded one!

The Classrooms !

The Active English classroom is bright and colourful. The friendly classroom environment will help create team spirit, promote creativity and critical thinking, increase communication skills, engender cultural awareness, enhance self-esteem, reduce conflict and encourage a passion and enthusiasm for the English language.


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