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Ezemvelo Nature Reserve is situated on the Bankenveld, 20 km outside Bronkhorstpruit and only 45 minutes from Pretoria, which is the transition ecotone between the grassland and savanna biomes. Ecologically this is very valuable as elements of both biomes occur within the reserve, creating a very rich biological diversity.

The 10 000+ha reserve is naturally divided into about 4 000 ha of well preserved grasslands and associated rocky out crops and wetlands. The clear waters of the Wilge River cut through the reserve forming beautiful gorges and valleys of colourful Wilge River sandstones. The bushy river valleys are home to extensive animal and birdlife. The savanna area dominates the rest of the reserve covering about 6000 ha and is characterised by the occurrence of many tree species.

The lovely open vistas of the grassland plains teeming with game are a reminder of times gone by. The wetlands and rocky areas are home to many specialised bird and insect species plus predators.
The hikes and trails have been developed in these areas to aquaint the visitor with the best opportunity to observe nature closely.

A wide variety of research projects are underway on the reserve, including studies on the insect diversity of the reserve, leopard behaviour, small mammal surveys, veld condition analysis, bird surveys, honey bee conservation, reptile studies, various antelope research projects, fish habitat and diversity studies and a study on the unique geological formations on the reserve.

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Letta Zulu/Nomsa Tsubana
Reservations/Special Interest Weekends
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Dennis Venter
General Manager: Ezemvelo Nature Reserve
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Maroti Tau
Tourism Manager: Ezemvelo Nature Reserve
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Duncan MacFadyen
Manager - Research and Conservation
E Oppenheimer & Son
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Reservations/Special Interest Weekends
(Tel) (013) 680 1399
(Fax) (013) 680 1397
(Cel) 0834405886

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