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Broederstroom has massive outdoor flea market. Be prepared to barter, for it is the way of life here. For African curios, this is a wonderful place full of treasures and excitement. it gets very full so get there early.

There are all kinds of sales people here as well. The vast majority are honest. However, beware: there are a few that will approach you for donations or to pawn gold or silver trinkets. My suggestion is to be firm, say “NO,” and walk away. Yes, they will follow you and keep trying, but by staying firm they will eventually leave you alone.

Definitely the vendors in the stalls are great to deal with. Each stall carries a wide variety of African items, from artwork to zebra wood carvings and from “Zulu” tribal reproductions to African metal works or stone carvings. Some have suggested prices on the articles, others do not, regardless you still barter.

Also available are indoor stalls and shops and a variety of fast food outlets as well as sit down eateries.It is in a warmer and drier part of SA so take some extra water,especially if you have children. As an extra there is the road going over the road, creating a spectacular sight when the flood gates are open. Patience is a virtus and been single laned probably very use full when it comes to traffic, that said, it is a very worthwhile family outing.

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