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Irene country farm and tea garden – a visit to the english country side, where fresh farm milk and baking are available at the newly enlarged dairy shop,while freshly brewed coffee awaits at the restaurant.
Children can feed the calves and watch the cows been milked in an idyllic country setting, or play on a real tractor.

Sunday buffet breakfasts and lunches are very popular at the irene farm, and it is advised to book before hand to avoid a wait or disappointment.
The irene farm restaurant and the irene farm coffee shop is very popular and mid week, experience the farm life and bring a bit of peace to your senses.

A visit to the Irene Estate Dairy owned and managed by the van der Byl's is a must! You will be charmed with its wonderful farmstall and delicious fresh milk!

This is where the locals, often carrying the old-fashioned gallon pails, purchase their supplies.

The shop is licensed to sell certified milk - raw or untreated milk complying with the same standards as pasteurised milk.

Certified raw milk is milk that comes from the cow into the tank and is colled very quickly to below 3 degrees Celcius. In addition, sellers of certified milk has to adhere to much stricter health and quality conditions than sellers of pasteurized milk. This includes parlour and dairy equipment standards and quality control, health control and regular testing of staff, herd and milk.

Pasteurized milk is milk heated very quickly to above 80 degrees and then quickly cooled to below 3 degrees, and is then ready for the consumer to buy. The heating process kills any bad bacteria that may be present in the milk, but also unfortunately kills many beneficial nitrients, too.

The milk sold at Irene Dairy is tested every week with eight health and nutritional tests. The herd and staff are also regularly checked for transmittable diseases.

Cheeses and other fresh fare are also on sale in the dairy shop, but best of all is the rich, fresh cream resembling clotted cream.

Children love the farm. Be at the milking parlour around 3pm and the kids can see first-hand in the milking parlour how the cows are milked.

After the cows are milked the calves get their share where the kids can help feed the calves, and if you are really lucky, have a ride on the tractor!

Found off Nellmapius Dr Irene

Tel no Restaurant: 012 667 4012
Tel no Offices: Adrian van der Bijl
012 667 1000
Fax : 012 667 2258

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