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Open Access Industrial Training College (OAITC) is registered with the Services SETA and companies undergoing training through OAITC may claim back the allowable portion of their skills development levy. OAITC offers Environmental, Health and Safety courses at various NQF levels and covering a number of topics.

OAITC offers, not only on site training ourselves, but also train-the-trainer at a company, who then presents OAITC courses using OAITC materials. OAITC audits the licensed trainer periodically, moderates test papers and issues certificates to learners who successfully complete courses.

OAITC issues two types of certificates – successful completion and attendance. For learners who are able to complete a written assessment, a certificate of successful completion is issued on the learner achieving the minimum pass mark. For learners who are unable to complete a written assessment, a certificate of attendance is issued.

UNISA and OAITC Partnerships with industry

A partnership is a contract between two or more persons or organizations who agree to pool their knowledge, skills, attitudes and resources and who share in benefits and or dissapointments. Whether it is a partnership between industry or corporations, OAITC and UNISA provide solutions for the following problems:

* Environmental studies are wide – competencies are difficult to establish
* Employers do not know the capacity of prospective employees or consultants

Irrespective of the first qualification, environmental endorsement modules will be available at all levels e.g. engineers, laboratory analysts, environmental managers, geographers, hazmat workers, site managers etc will be able to obtain endorsements


* On-site coaching for industry staff
* Turning education and training centres into profit centres
* Specialized environmental endorsements from UNISA
* Endorsements and learnerships applicable to industry operations and activities
* Accredited training – grants and return on skills development levies from SETAs

OAITC and UNISA have developed short certificate courses, centering on environmental science and environmental management, to provide tuition for persons who have an interest in the environment. These short courses will be useful for:

* People whose function in the workplace is to undertake environmental audits and or assessments
* Engineers who wish to include environmental considerations in their development planning
* People practicing waste management
* Environmental impact assessors
* Occupational and environmental hygienists
* Environmental, health and safety officers
* Any person whose work involves environmental and ecological assessments

Learners successfully completing the short courses will gain credits towards UNISA's National Diploma in Environmental Science and Environmental Management.

UNISA and OAITC Developed Courses

The Higher Education Qualifications Framework refers to how diversity and innovation are encouraged in the new qualifications framework. There is a need for access programmes for learners who do not comply with standard admission requirements for tertiary study. There is also a need to provide industry with graduates who have undertaken advanced study in specialized fields. To meet these needs, UNISA and OAITC have entered into a joint venture to provide exciting new qualifications. These qualifications have a strong vocational, professional or career focus, and learners who successfully complete them will be able to fill specific niches in the labour market, through employment as well as self employment.


OAITC is registered with the Services SETA for the provision of health safety abd environmental training. Companies and individuals may elect to choose individual modules or the entire learning progamme.

HOST: Lorraine Ann Hodge


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