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Unisa is a distance education institution. We do not have full time students because we do not offer any full time classes. Students study at their own pace with the study material that is posted to them.

UNISA is a distance education university; we offer no residential classes although discussion classes and tutorial classes may be held. Note however that these are not compulsory to attend and are not offered by every subject.

Distance learning means that you are physically separated from the University and that you study at home, in your own time. Instead of sitting in a classroom, listening to a lecture and taking notes, you will work through study guides and tutorial letters to complete assignments and write the examination. This implies that you need to manage your own studies, which requires self-discipline and self-directed learning. Some students are better suited to distance learning. Especially those who like working on their own and who enjoy figuring out problems for themselves. Other students benefit more from being a classroom situation and they find it hard to adjust to distance learning and managing on their own. If the last statement is true for you all is not lost. Being aware that the distance situation is not your preferred learning environment, you are able to make plans from the beginning to cope better.

The University offers a number of qualifications which have differing admission requirements. A matric exemption or conditional exemption is the admission requirement for undergraduate degree studies, eg BA, BCom, BSc, etc.

If you have a senior certificate without exemption, it is also possible that you might qualify for conditional exemption and be allowed to register directly for undergraduate degree studies.

Many and varied conferences are held in the Unisa auditoriums as well as conserts in the concert Hall.
For more information on conferences, contact them directly.

Unisa Is Known for a quality higher education and besides academic courses also has cultural courses includinng Instruments such as Piano violin and most others available.
Internationally recognised Unisa is on the fore front of research and education, setting a very high standard of which to be proud.

General Information:
To help students struggling and needing to contact other students with the same subjects you can obtain a fellow students list and form a study group to help you. We can email, fax or post the information to you.

Fees not paid result in cancellation of studies as well as documents not submitted in the prescribed time

To change information eg addresses fax a letter to the College registration section under which you are studying with your new details to 012-429 4150 or send a change of address via myUnisa

For cancellation of subjects fax a letter to the College registration section under which you are studying at 012-429 4150 requesting your subjects to be cancelled or apply via myUnisa

Tutorial Services at the Learning Centre

Postal Address:
P O Box 392

Physical Address:
Preller Street
South Africa

Tel: +27(0)11 670-9000

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